Tuesday, December 22, 2009

edward cullen: portrait of a {post}modern anti-hero

Three weeks. One hundred hours {give or take}. One BIG book, papers, paints, and much modge podge later...here's the end result of the Edward Cullen curated exhibit. I presented it in class with music from the Twilight soundtrack playing on my laptop {hidden behind the exhibit}. I also created a mini Zine of the exhibit information--it is not pictured here as I submitted it for my final grading.

The photos in this post are presented in the order you would view the exhibit in reality. Please click on the images to enlarge.

{Disclaimer: The original art in these photographs, and the photographs themselves are copyright Tina Pfeiffer 2009. I do not hold any copyright nor do I claim ownership of any of the images from Twilight used within the project.}


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