Sunday, November 1, 2009

reader response: perspective

Ah, perspective. Most likely the key to art as we know it. Also the always-required-but-ever-dreaded lesson of introductory art courses. Perspective is the technique in art that forces the right brain to wrestle with the left. For art-minded folk that's usually a challenge. Understanding how perspective works (or doesn't) allows all the other techniques to fall into place. Last weeks reading covered much of the basic history of perspective, and provided some good examples of how it works when it's utilized well.

For my response this week I searched for images that I feel make fine use of perspective. Some are favorites from my studies in art history, some I just found while searching for this post.


Images t 2 b:
School of Athens - Raphael Santi (painting)
Old Shanghai - Photopia (fine art photo)
Untitled - Paul Heaston (watercolor sketch)
Kitchen Servant - Jan Vermeer (painting)
Loop Walk - Brian Bleakley (painting)
I Still See You - My November (fine art photo)
The Last Supper - Leonardo Da Vinci (painting)
Path to the Gothic Choir - Raphael Locoste (digital painting)


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