Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stay Creative in 2012

Whoosh! Hear that? It's the time that's flown by since I last posted on this blog. I'm back in school for Winter term 2012. Blowing off the dust from this space, updating info and considering a new look and name soon. For today I'll just say, "hello, again!", and share with you a neat poster I discovered over here and the original is here. Since we bought our first house and my vintage business has been growing, I don't get much creative time in until I am working on assignments for school. That is unless I count photography, which I believe I will since I capture images that inspire me almost every week thanks to my iPhone and some super camera apps. All this is to say, I'm back for a bit, and I hope you're having a happy new year.

Hope you'll stop in and see what I'm up to in 2012!

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