Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maxfield Parrish - Winter


Everyone knows Maxfield Parrish for his ethereal, scenic garden and sunset paintings. Most have seen a fantastic blue-rose-gold sunrise and likened it to the work of Parrish--and rightfully so.

Lull Brook in Winter

White Birches in the Snow (1952)

Village Church at Dusk (1941)

One of my illustration heroes, Parrish, although often panned by critics, is an icon in the art world. He called himself the painter of "girls on rocks" and while those are his most famous works, he was prolific in scenery and human studies (beyond girls in togas) as well.

Christmas Morning (1949)

The images in this post feature a handful of his lesser known gems.

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  1. Parrish was the master at setting a mood with lighting. These "lesser known gems" are amazing - I could stare at them all day. Thank you for posting!

  2. He is so often dismissed as an illustrator, but oh what a talent this man had! He is one of my faves. Thanks for the post!


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