Friday, April 2, 2010

Printmaking: Drive by Press

I'm back in classes for spring term at PSU. My art class for this season is Intro to Printmaking, and this week we enjoyed a short but invigorating visit from a couple of guys known as Drive by Press. Drive by Press was created in 2005 when two artist and print makers, Greg Nanney and Joseph Velasquez, met in graduate school and made it their mission to share their enthusiasm for printmaking with audiences everywhere.

Before they could start, the two artists sold their art, pawned their guitars, amps, and all else but their souls in order to buy their printing press. They loaded the 600 pound 14th century style machine in the back of their vehicle and took off across the country and have been on the road ever since. The two, dubbed kings of DIY printmaking, have now traveled over 100,000 miles spreading ink and their style of guerrilla art making at events across America.

At each Drive by Press event Greg and Joe show their artistic prowess by drawing and carving several exclusive single color woodblock designs exclusive to Drive by Press. The guests are able to interact with the DBP during the printing process, selecting their own combination of color and placement of the designs. Each guest gets to help create their very own piece of one-of-kind wearable art.

Drive by Press has a schedule of events, and a small inventory of printed shirts for sale
online. The info and photos in this post are via the Drive by Press site.


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  1. The brayer design is great!


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