Monday, February 1, 2010

Grass Valley Chapel

We discovered this beautiful chapel on a road trip through Central Oregon in summer of 2008. Many times abandoned buildings give off a vibe of sadness or uneasiness but this one was different. I was so captivated by the history and the stillness this place exuded that we wandered in and around it for about two hours.

The only information I have found online regarding this abandoned chapel was a state archive photo from 1961 when it still had glass in its windows. It's obviously been empty for a very long time but is amazingly well preserved.

A work of art becomes a work of art...

Grass Valley Chapel ~ photo series by Tina Pfeiffer. Grass Valley, Oregon USA, 7.08

©2008-2010 Pfeiffer Photos/Apt 3 Photography, all rights reserved.


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