Friday, October 9, 2009

what are you selling?

"Nations represent themselves through their currency design, using symbols, colors, textures, portraits of leaders, typefaces, decorative embellishments, mottos and phrases."

Our assignment last week was to create a new version of currency. We started with a mind-map--a kind of charting--of words and ideas for our design based on the "signs of our times". My interests do not lie in politics so I knew that was not the best option for me to use in my design. I also considered that while we are certainly a major player, The United States is not the only politically, socially or environmentally conscious country, and our concerns are not entirely shared by every other group of peoples on the planet--this despite attempts by many Americans to be the prominent influence.

That being said, my mind-map started with the word COMMUNICATION. It branched into many more words that related to that subject. I was thinking of all the ways we have and are communicating in the latter part of the last, and into the current century. Technology. Computers. Internet. Mobile telephones and devices. Electronic mail. Text messaging. Media, media, media--in newer, faster, smaller, quicker forms. It's all about connectivity, convenience, networking and instantaneous communication.

My project pared down the many ways into the prevalent methods of 21st century communication. The final product was not what I expected when I set out to create but I am pleased with the result. In viewing all the incarnations of this project as produced by everyone in the class, I was surprised to see so many similarities! Many didn't stray too far from the original United States dollar design, and/or kept a number of the original features--text, type, symbols. Overall, however, creativity abounds!

After grading, I will photograph and share my project here.


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