Sunday, October 18, 2009

week 3: image/text hunt

This version of image with text is the "obvious" connection. The image of Sophia Loren (chosen with assistance from my husband), conveys the meaning of the sentence as the beauty of a woman as a contribution to the peril of the beholder. Damnation of a heart, of a life, of wise choices, of rational thoughts and the actions that may follow.

This pairing is my emphasis on a not-so-obvious meaning for the image with the text. After choosing Sophia for the first image pairing, Mother Teresa seemed the opposite for the choice of a beautiful woman. The beauty in this woman is seen from the inside versus the surface. Respect, admiration, love and awe are the "damnation" factor expressed by the beautiful life she lives for others. People the world over esteem her despite cultural, political or religious differences.

My final pairing approaches an unexpected context for the image with the text. The Mother Earth has beauty that has led to mans wasting, wantonness, destruction and finally the scramble to try to preserve and protect what may easily be lost forever without care.

Choice of layout, font, black and white or color images, border shapes and text placement were all considered to create the differences between each pairing.

Please click each image to view in a larger size.

The phrase:
"We were damned the minute God decided to make women beautiful."

The sentence is thought by a young man watching a beautiful woman bathe herself in a pond in the moonlight after they experience a chance liaison in the night.

From the book:
Back Roads by Tawni O'Dell, Signet/Penguin Publishers, 2000, page 173.


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